Friday, January 28, 2011


Is pulling an all nighter.
Did you know nighter isn't even a real word??
That's because it should not happen.
At least that's what I have decided it means.
My 5 month old on the other hand seems to disagree,
and currently she wins most of those arguments.
Someday, soon hopefully, that will change.

I'm praying Truckerman comes home TODAY!
We have a date night planned with some people from church
on Saturday.
It's been so long since we had a date night that I cannot recall the last time.
Truckerman isn't one for too many dates though; even when we first started seeing each other
we didn't go on many dates (unless you count bon fires with all of our friends or a McDonald's drive-thru).

He's so romantic- well kinda.
It's okay he's had me swoon since we were teenagers with his ruggedly handsome good looks!

Just don't tell him I said so!

Head Over My Heels For My Truckerman,


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh Glory Days!

Today was a sleepy day.
We didn't get much done,
and I am actually pretty sure what little that was done got undone
by both Big Sister and Little Sister.
Big Sister danced all over the clothes I had folded while she was watching her movie;
Little Sister was sick tonight and she puked on them-
on my way to taking her into the bathroom to clean her up
from the first 4 times she puked before that.
Oh Glory Days!
Being a momma is hard work.

Truckerman should be here tomorrow for a quick visit
on his way through to his next stop!
I think I will make him go with us to the Wal-Mart,
and for a romantic lunch date for 4 at McDonalds.

I'm off to go stare at my baby girl!

Good Night,

A Trucker Wife

Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't Steal My Sofa Table

Truckerman did not make it home this past weekend.
Okay, so I should just be glad he has a job in this economy, but
I currently feel the need to whine!
My dear 5 month old
Has decided that 1-3 hours of sleep is more than enough
In one DAY for her
She's on sleep strike
Truckerman not coming home could have been devastating to my ability to function
(Since I catch up on sleep when he gets here)
However, my dear MIL allowed us to stay with her
It was nice to be in contact with someone older than 2 for a few days
We had not left the house in nearly a week
Due to the big snow we just got
And lack of snow plowing done on my street
Actually no one plows my street
I think that means I live in the boonies?
Oh well the boonies is a good place to be
Considering the last two Sundays I left my keys
In the door
Good thing no one wanted to steal our
Sofa table
Considering it's the only thing I bought new for our house
It holds a special place in my heart
Which by the way it does not sit by my sofa.
Is that wrong?

I just broke the shelf in my fridge
I decided I can not fix it
Oh, Truckerman where are you??


Monday, December 27, 2010


Dear Truck Driving
Today, you are not my favorite, but I'll love you anyway.
We had 5 Christmases in 3 days.
We did not go home at all until the 3rd day.
Trucker man left 6 hours after we got home on the 3rd day.
He slept for 5 of those 6 and I did not,so I could be sure he could get up on time.
I feel like puking my guts up.
I still have stuff laying all over my floor.
I can't sleep even though I am exhausted.
Christmas is so nice, but it's so nice to see it go.
Someone else come over and take all this Christmas stuff down?!

Over and Out.
Trucker Wife

Friday, November 26, 2010


My Trucker Man is home for more than his 34 hour restart! Definitely one of my most thankful things this holiday weekend! Yesterday was crazy busy full of turkey, visiting, eating, and all the fun family stuff. I made two "Reese's Pies" and four chocolate cups with peanut butter pudding. Trust me they were all delicious.

Today, however, I barely got out of my pajamas and neither did anyone else. This could be partially to blame for my pure insanity of going out in 25 degree weather at midnight last night to hit up Wal-Mart and buy 587 movies (or something close to that), some storage totes, and some pajamas for my TinkerBell Mermaid loving 2 year old. I also had a few other things in my hand, but as I am famous for doing I put them back. My husband hates when I do that, especially, since today I have been saying how I wish I had just grabbed that $9.00 dollar stick vac or that $36.00 dollar steam mop. I am hoping CYBER MONDAY brings some awesome deals; that is truly why I was holding out.

I am cheap and I love being cheap!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today I

ran into my kitchen counter six times

put off house work to take shower for the first time in a week

drank roughly three Dr. Peppers

started on some Christmas crafts

considered tying my toddler to her bed because she refused to take a nap

discovered I have no clothes that are not stretched from pregnancy/breastfeeding, stained and/or have no hole(s) in them

itched my leg 683 times (okay so I don't know how many times I itched it, but I do have this horribly annoying bug bite)

 made Pigs in a Blanket for supper

 burnt my arm on the pan

 I did all of this with my 2 month old because she did not sleep all day, but ate instead

 Somedays I feel like a prize winning milk cow.

Truckerman should be home sometime tomorrow, but unforunately not before I track off to the doctor at nap time. What exactly was I thinking when I told the nurse 1:30 would be a good time to bring in the girls?? I obviously wasn't! Actaully as I recall, when she was talking about scheduling the next appointment I wasn't listening at all. Brooklyn was asking to go to the bathroom for the third time since we had been at the doctor's office (of those three times she never went) and Aspen was screaming because I had not fed her in the last 45 minutes. Oh I love those days, well I love those days after they are over anyway! (because I can look back and laugh)

When Truckerman comes home I usually have a few things I need his help with before he heads back out on the road. However, I have had this on going list of things I would like to get done, but we keep forgetting or just don't have the time.

I call those lists the Honey Do Lists.

1. Putting a roof on my deck - see the problem is during the summer months construction is very busy and all the guys that help us don't have a lot of time and during the cooler months the deer come out and then there is definitely no time to do it!

2. Getting the new freezer that has been in my mother in laws garage for months to my house and moving the wooden handled leaky 1970s fridge out of my laundry room

3. Moving the newer warsher (yes warsher because that is how I say it reguardless of how it is actually spelled) from my garage into the laundry room because my current warsher's spin cycle causes an earthquake like experience in my house

4. Finishing my clothes line - this is just a matter of my forgetfulness - the poles are up I just need to buy and hang the line

5. Build Shelves in my basement for storage  - my in laws came out and built some for me last week!

6. Power wash the house and deck

However, since none of these things are life or death I don't mind if they take another year to complete (well hopefully not another year) because I'd rather spend my time at the pumpkin patch, the park, or even just hanging out on our couch in our pjs then running around on the few days or sometimes only hours we get to spend all together.

Welp, I am going to check on my girlies (poke them until they almost wake up to be sure they are breathing, I know it's weird, but I feel I have to) and watch the end of the Teen Mom I streamed to watch earlier. I am far to emotionally attached to that show!


Trucker's Wife

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I cannot believe I am up this late. Actually I use to consider this early before I had my second child, but keeping up with two is much harder than keeping up with one especially before the one turned into a TODDLER!

We finally splurged and paid for satellite internet service. I have been waiting on something besides Satellite (which is WAY over priced) or Dial Up (which you can barely check email with) - but alas it has been nearly two years and still no DSL or Cable out here in the boonies! Therefore, I am getting rid of our Satellite TV and possibly the phone line. ( I have discovered some cheaper online alternatives, and I do like to have a landline since my cell phone doesn't have the greatest reception out here) So I finally caved.

I think my hubby might be a bit heart broken about losing his ESPN! However, he is not here to watch it since he is on the road so much, so he promised me he could survive without it.

Back to the internet thing. I am up at 2AM because I have been setting up the computers, and this is the only time I have had today to do it. Between my 2 month old who is nursing, my 2 year old who decided she didn't want a nap today there just was not a minute to sit down and mess with my internet and get the computers set up. So, here I am at 2am typing away on this blog.

It feels good to have some quiet time. However, in a few hours when I need to be up with the kiddos I will probably be dragging, and taking a nap with them if time allows!